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ANMED Issue: 2005-3

. M. Oluş ARIK "Work at the Alanya Citadel 2004";
. Cevdet BAYBURTLUOĞLU "Excavations at Arykanda in 2004";
. Refik DURU "Excavations at Bademağacı 2004";
. Eugenia Equini SCHNEIDER "Archaeological Research at Elaiussa Sebaste in 2004";
. Mehmet ÖZSAİT "The Harmanören-Göndürle Höyük Necropolis Excavations of 2004";
. Harun TAŞKIRAN "Excavations at Karain in 2004";
. Levent ZOROĞLU "Excavations at Kelenderis in 2004";
. Jacques des COURTILS "Excavations and Research at Xanthos and Letoon in 2004";
. Thomas MARKSTEINER "Excavations at Limyra in 2004";
. S. Yıldız ÖTÜKEN, Nilay CORAĞAN, Bülent İŞLER "Excavations at the Church of St. Nicholas in Myra-Demre and the Conservation-Restoration and Documentation of the Wall Paintings 2004";
. Fahri IŞIK "Patara in 2004";
. Haluk ABBASOĞLU "Excavation and Restoration Work at Perge in 2004";
. Marc WAELKENS "Archaeological Research in and Around Sagalassos in 2004";
. Ülkü İZMİRLİGİL "Excavation, Conservation - Restoration Work in the Side Theatre and its Environs in 2004";
. Remzi YAĞCI "Excavations at the Ancient Port City of Soli/Pompeiopolis in 2004";
. K. Serdar GİRGİNER - Fatih ERHAN "Surveys in Adana-Kozan in 2004";
. Sema DOĞAN "Byzantine Surveys in and Around Alanya in 2004";
. Hatice PAMİR - Gunnar BRANDS "The Asi Delta and the Asi Valley Archaeological Project in 2004 Samandağ and Antakya Surveys";
. Nevzat ÇEVİK "Surveys in the Bey Mountains in 2004";
. Mehmet ÖZSAİT "Surveys in Burdur Province in 2004";
. Cheryl WARD "The Rough Cilicia Maritime Archaeological Project in 2004: A Preliminary Report";
. Rhys F. TOWNSEND - Michael C. HOFF "The Rough Cilicia Survey Project: Architectural Work 2004";
. Volkan EVRİN - Mert AYAROĞLU - Korhan ÖZKAN - Çiğdem Toskay EVRİN, Korhan BİRCAN - Murat BİRCAN - Levent ZOROĞLU "Archaeological Underwater Surveys of the Cilician Coasts in 2004";
. Bülent İPLİKÇİOĞLU "The Epigraphical-Historical Survey Project of East and Northeast Lycia - Southwest Pisidia, Work During 2004";
. Emel ERTEN "Archaeological Surveys at Mersin-Olba (Uğuralanı) in 2004";
. B. Yelda Olcay UÇKAN - Yalçın MERGEN "Work at Ancient Olympos in 2004";
. Martin SEYER "The Lycian Inscribed Monuments Project: Some Results from the 2004 Surveys at Rhodiapolis, Karmylessos and Pınara";
. H. Ali EKİNCİ "Work conducted by Burdur Museum in 2004: The Rescue Excavation of the Early Byzantine Church in Yusufça, Gölhisar";
. Addresses