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Work by the Burdur Museum in 2001-2002

 Surveys, Soundings and Landscaping in the Necropolis of Kibyra

With the confiscation of friezes with gladiator figures, together with the arrest of the smugglers in three incidents of antiquity smuggling in 1995, 2001 and 2002, our museum initiated research work, soundings and landscaping in Kibyra in the township of Gölhisar in the province of Burdur.

Work was carried out by the museum, between the 23rd and the 30th of September 2002, at the same place where the abovementioned four friezes in the necropolis were recovered from the smugglers and a further 2 friezes with gladiator figures, 2 gladiator steles, 3 friezes with depictions of wild beast taming and hunting were discovered. With this short term rescue work, carried out at the site of the illicit diggings, the main street passing through the necropolis near to the stadium has been partially redirected. All the finds recovered seem to suggest that the itinerant gladiator games and wild beast fights organized in Anatolia were both popular and frequent in Kibyra.

 Landscaping around the Çeştepe Tumulus in Karamanlı, Burdur
Preservation work was carried out at the Çeştepe Tumulus in the village of Harmankaya and the necessary landscaping of the surrounding area was carried out between the 24th and the 30th of September 2001. This work was carried out to protect the monumental tomb chamber, uncovered by the Burdur Museum in a rescue excavation in 1998, from being weathered away and also to facilitate visits to the tomb.

 The stone walls starting from the dromos were reinforced and embankments were built to stop erosion. The entrance to the tomb was also paved with cobble stones, using stones gathered in the vicinity of the tomb.